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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cute Stuff Disappeared on Me

Hi everyone! I had quite a scare the last couple of days because my blog up and disappeared!!! I contacted blogger and got no response from them. I found out on Twitter that the same thing happened to many other blogs without any reason or explanation. Then just as mysteriously the blogs have reappeared.

I use blogger because I know what I am doing on it (for the most part anyway). This recent scare has me thinking about switching to another host. Anyone have any advice on this subject? I must admit I am still figuring these things out as I go along. I am just glad Cute Stuff came back because I have some fun reviews and giveaways in the works for you all!


  1. Yes it was a midwest outage - and this goes to what I speak about alot OWNING your brand while blogger is great for those that dont want to build a brand or own something (its like renting a car) -- you need to move to wordpress (or another blogging engine but WP is the best) and own your domain/brand - for a site like you with the amount of followers you have tied to the site it will be a blow (I'm not going to sugar coat) but in a few weeks you'll rebuild and be better then ever - ask @minkymoo she just did the convert!

  2. Ps. This is from @dada_rocks!

  3. This is very scary!
    I could never do something else...Too much work and not cheap!
    Come follow me back and say hi :)

  4. Very scary!! I am curious about the switch. I so like the ease of blogger though!!

  5. I use Word Press to write/format my site. My host is ... totalchoicehosting.com

    It is $4/month with GREAT, QUICK customer service.

    The switch was a bit of a PITA, but I am thrilled I did it. I've been on WP with TCH for about 7 months now? Since Oct or Nov of 2009.


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