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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hexbug Halloween Party

Have you heard of Hexbugs? Thanks to MomSelect I was able to host a Hexbug Halloween Party! We were able to try out the newest and coolest Hexbug toys. Included in our party set were the limited edition Hexbug Nano Hallween Bugs. They retail for 9.99 and can be found at Radio Shack. They come with a exoskeleton that can be removed and glows in the dark. The kids loved them!

We had a costume Hexbug Halloween party so all the kids came dressed up. They had lots of fun putting together the Habitat sets and can you believe...the Habitats light up too! It was nice to see so many kids working together to set up the sets. Setting them up is half the play. It's unique because the sets can go together in multiple ways so the kids never got bored.

The craziness really began when the kids all put their Hexbug Nanos in the Habitat at the same time. They really enjoyed watching their individual Nanos make their way though the Habitat. The kids especially loved seeing the Nanos go by each other and even turn themselves right side up after being upside down. They even decided to have races with their Nanos!

We were also able to try out the Hexbug Larva. Take a look at this guy!

It actually creeped me out a little...in a good Halloween way! I told the kids to make sure to turn the Larva off because if I saw that guy in the middle of the night I know I would think it was a real bug. Eeek!

I have no doubt that Hexbugs will be a popular toy this holiday season. They are available at many retailers including Toys R Us, Circut City and Target. The Habitats are easy for kids to put together and were durable with multiple kids playing with them. Hexbugs come in lots of different colors and varieties like ants, inchworms, crabs and even spiders. Check out the Hexbug website for lots more information. You can also connect with Hexbugs on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks so much to Hexbugs and MommyParties for the samples to review. I was not required to provide a positive review and all the above opinions are mine.

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