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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ocean Nasal Products Review

I suffer from seasonal allergies. Living in the Midwest we actually have distinct seasons and allergies are a common problem. I have used saline sprays in the past with little positive results, so when I received an offer to try OCEAN Products I jumped at the chance to see if their products could help me more. I am glad I decided to give them a try because I have definitely seen positive results so far. I have been using the Ocean Complete Sinus Irrigation system for over a week and I feel less nasal pressure. The best thing is that I have had to blow my nose less often, and when I do have to blow my nose it feels easier and looser to get rid of the yuckies in there. Hope I didn't gross you out with the image of me blowing my nose, but hey, we all have to do it right?

Here is a some more information about OCEAN from the company:
OCEAN Complete Sinus Irrigation provides natural, positive pressure sinus irrigation and/or soothing nasal moisturizing in a non-medicated nasal spray with no drug side effects. Its sterile, pre-mixed saline is ready to use for sufferers of sinus and nasal congestion, dry nose, colds and allergies. OCEAN Complete is non-medicated, preservative free and can be used as often as needed without the concern of drug side effects. OCEAN complete sinus irrigation is a two-in-one product for help in relieving and soothing nasal and/or sinus congestion and dryness with one easy-to-use complete product. A special nasal saline streaming nozzle (orange tip) is utilized for nasal irrigation, and a nasal mist applicator (white tip) provides nasal moisturizing.

If you are in the market for a product like this I say give OCEAN products a try.

I received complementary products from Ocean to facilitate this review. No monetary compensation was received. Follow all manufacturer's directions for use. All opinions in this post are mine and mine alone.

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