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Thursday, April 15, 2010

How do YOU do it?

I am still new to the blogging world and I am looking for a bit of advice. I would love to know the answer to one little question: How do YOU do it? Specifically how do you make time to write and read blogs??? My initial goal was to have at least one post per day on Cute Stuff but I have not been able to keep up. This week I have had no posts at all! I am swamped at work and this week was Cutie's birthday and taxes so I have fallen behind. I would love to know if there are any secrets to staying on the bloggy track. Do you have a set time to blog or do you just fit it in when you can?


  1. Oh sweetie you are SO not alone in this! It's so hard to do a post EVERY day and keep up with it all... Sometimes if I have extra time I'll write 2 or even 3 posts and just save them instead of hitting publish. That way if I'm having a super busy day, I can just publish one that I've already written and not worry about it. But seriously if you so a post every other day, it's considered keeping up with your blog! :)

    Don't stress over it, it's meant to be FUN! :)

  2. Don't stress if you miss a day.. the three things I do to make sure I have blog posts at the ready is to have several available in 'draft' form when I get the chance, and then I can just pick one and let it go... I also encourage guest bloggers to come by and write for my Friendly Wednesdays.. . they get exposure and I get a day off...

  3. Great question and the 2 above have good responses. I try and aim for 2-3 posts a week, that includes doing a link up. Maybe that Wordless Wed, Friday link up and something else. But you can schedule your posts; so if you write at night it'll automatically send later; you can embed a video or something you found entertaining too so you don't have to write- - - I am still figuring it out but am ALL about figuring out how to simply life! Maybe that guest poster is a good option too! You must be doing something right, you have a lot of followers! I should ask you how you did that. I have a giveaway that I can't giveaway- haha. I am following you back- - - from Friday follow.

  4. I am following you back from last weeks friday follow! As you can see I have the same difficulties as you, but we do the best that we can!

  5. hi christine! checking out your great blog since you sent me the link (you are my magic school bus winner) - this is a great question and i think the advice about writing posts ahead of time and saving them in draft is great! i have at least 20 drafts saved that i can pull from - i also have a "theme" for each day which provides some inspiration when i feel "stuck" for ideas - and, finally, don't feel badly when you are busy and need a break - i'm in that very position this week and i was just honest with my readers - because i didn't want to pull from my drafts all week, i'm going back and reposting some of my more popular posts to give some of my newest readers a chance to see them :-)
    oh, and a tip about reading blogs, i have my fave blogs on a blogroll - it shows me their latest posts and i can just click from there - makes reading fast and easy!

  6. Following you from MBC :-)

    You can find me here~



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