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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dr. Robin's Sunscreen "House" Party

I was super excited when I was offered the chance to host a Dr. Robin's House Party. Dr. Robin's Sunscreen a SPF 30+ sunscreen is specially formulated to protect babies and children from UVA and UVB rays. In honor of protecting the kid's from the summer rays I found it appropriate to have our "house" party at the beach.

I invited some of my son's friends and my niece and nephew to hang out at the beach. There were no worries about sunburn because we were all protected by Dr. Robin's sunscreen samples. Dr. Robin’s sunscreen is water resistant, gluten-free, and cruelty free. It is also free of irritating chemicals like phthalates, parabens and fragrance, which is great for kid's like my niece and nephew who have super sensitive skin. My son usually complains about sunscreen stinging his eyes but he had no complaints about Dr. Robin's sunscreen.

It is refreshing to use a product that is safe for kid's because the last thing you want to worry about when protecting children from the sun, is damage from the very product you use for protection.

Dr. Robin's sunscreen definitely protected the kids at our party. We all had a lot of fun. I think the hit of the party (aside from the surfboard) were the fun silly shaped bands provided in the party kit. The kids loved figuring out what each band was and seeing them go back to their original shape when they took them off. I must admit those bands are pretty fun!

After the beach we all headed over to my sister's house for some fun music. Our party kit included "A Family Album" by The Verve Pipe, and "The Disney Reggae Club" both of which the kids really enjoyed. To top off the night my brother in law treated everyone to a mini fireworks display!

Thanks so much to Dr. Robin's for allowing me to host a house party. The kids obviously had a blast and the adults got a chance to check out Kiwi Magazine which has a lot of great back to school ideas. I was also able to share coupons for both Beautyhabit and Glamour Junkie two fabulous companies that carry Dr. Robin's products.

Thanks to Dr. Robin's sunscreen we were all protected from the sun and able to enjoy one of the best days of the entire summer!


  1. I will have to remember Dr. Robin's if the sun ever starts shining again here in FL! I love all the photos, i can tell ya'll had a great time. the house party site is awesome too:)

  2. What a great blog!! I am really enjoying looking around. Thanks for sharing!! I am now a new follower!! Nicole @ colieskitchen.com BTW I found you on a blog hop!

  3. I am a new blogger following you via Following Friday and I hope you will follow me back and maybe "Grab" my button. I'll have to remember this sunblock for next summer for my granddaughter. Have a great day.


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