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Friday, March 19, 2010

Oreo Cakesters

Have you seen the new Oreo cookies? When I started this blog I never thought I would dedicate a post exclusively to Oreos but the new Oreo Cakester cookies are really YUMMY. I found a free box coupon for them and then proceeded to lose my coupon book (that is another post in and of itself). Anyway I still wanted some so I bought the chocolate Oreo Cakesters. I was not sure I would be a fan because honestly could take or leave regular Oreos. WOW! I was blown away by how good they are. They are soft and very chocolaty. It actually feels a bit like you are eating a little piece of cake.

Since the chocolate ones were so good I decided to try the Golden Oreo Cakesters. I thought I would love these even more because the golden cookies are actually the ones I like better in the regular Oreos. The golden box I bought was a big disappointment. I don't know how they would taste if they were fresh like the chocolate box I had but it was obvious they were not fresh from the first bite. They were almost rubbery and tasted old. I checked the box for an expiration date and it is 10/13/09. What? Come on Walgreens now I know I should check dates but why is your store selling food that is 5 MONTHS past its freshness date. That is not right. Get it together Walgreens!

What I especially like about Oreo Cakesters is that they come in individual packs of 2 cookies each. That way I will be far less tempted to eat a bunch at once. It also makes them nice for an on the go snack or to pack in a lunch.

Have you had Oreo Cakesters? I would love to hear your thoughts. Or maybe your thoughts on whether I should tell Walgreens that they are selling expired food. LOL!


  1. I like the chocolate ones, but I haven't tried the golden. I also prefer the golden in the regular (old?) style. I would totally tell Wags that they have old food on the shelf. Try finding something in the store and take it to show. I've found old Children's Tylenol in there before and took every bottle to the pharmacy counter. The next day they were back on the shelf!

  2. Found you from Friday Follow!! I'm your newest follower and just lovin it! :0

    Come visit me when you have some time! :0)

  3. I believe I noticed this snack while grocery shopping at the beginning of the month. Well, I will definitely pick them up and try them. I will try to have one because I know as soon as they arrive in my house with a teenage male - they will be destroyed within hours. Literally!!!!

  4. i haven't tried them! they sound good, though!

  5. I have not tried the Oreo Cakesters, but if they are from Oreo...I'm sure they are YUMMY!!

    Thanks for stopping by All Things Mamma! I hope to see you again soon!!


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