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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts 2nd Edition

Welcome to my second edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts. I feel pretty bad that I only had one post in between last weeks random and this weeks but I don't really know what I am doing yet so I am slow on the posts. Probably not a big deal since no one is reading yet anyway. :)
  • I heard on twitter that Kate Gosslin was going to be on Dancing With the Stars. Then the actual list of stars came out and she was not on it. I have never watched Dancing With the Stars but I would probably start if Kate was on it. She gets on my nerves in a lot of ways (like her constant yelling) but I am sure I would get on people's nerves if a camera was following me around too. So I am bummed that she is not going to be on a show I don't watch anyway.
  • I think I have a crush on Apolo Ohno. And shouldn't his name be spelled Apollo with two l's instead of Apolo with one l?
  • My son is not a good sport. I am doing my best to teach him to be a good sport but so far it is not working well. We were playing the game Zingo today before dinner and when I started doing well he began to yell and say he was going to quit. I calmly told him that the fun was in playing the game and he settled down. Ironically he ended up winning the game anyway (and no I did not throw the game so he could win :) )

See you next week...on the random!


  1. Isn't Apolo just the most beautiful young man EVER? Not that I would ever look at any man other than my husband, but, uh...you know. He's purty.

  2. Kate Goslin is on Dancing With the Stars! Guess I will have to watch for the first time after all. :)


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