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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts 4th Edition

Welcome to this week's Random Tuesdays hosted by The Un Mom. Here are some random thoughts on my mind at the moment.

I love Forever Stamps. Ok, I admit I am one of those people who doesn't know exactly how much a first class stamp costs. At work my secretary sends out my mail for me. At home I honestly cannot remember the last time I used a stamp for anything. Between direct bill pay and online bill pay I do not pay any bills through the regular mail. So every once in a while I buy a book of forever stamps and I use them for birthday cards (when I actually remember to buy and send them that is). It is nice to buy stamps and not have to worry that they are not enough postage. I guess the Post Office had to do something to help us because they raise the rates so often that no one can keep track!

I am nervous about my son's birthday party next month. We are throwing the party at Pump It Up this year. If you are not familiar with it Pump It Up is a place where you can rent a room full of inflatables and people get to jump around on them until time's up (or they puke whichever comes first I guess). We paid a flat fee for 14 children to attend and now that it is time to send out the invitations I am nervous. I don't know how many to invite to get the magic number to attend. I am worried that if not enough kids come that Cutie will be sad at his party and if too many kids come I will be charged A LOT extra which will make mommy sad at his party. Any advice on what to do? I already intend on asking for RSVP's but last year we had several kids that RSVP'd that they would attend and then didn't show. We also had one who did not RSVP but did attend. I am thinking that it all works itself out in the end. It is just one of those parental moments that stresses me out because I want everything to be perfect for his party.

Seriously...what is with my office chair?!?!?! I should preface this with letting you know that I work at a non profit organization (in other words my company has no extra money). That being said I should still be able to have a decent office chair right? The one I have now was given to me by my office neighbor when she got a new one. She only got a new one because she fell on company property and injured herself. She had gotten my chair from someone else before her. The chair I have is the worst. It simply will not stay up. It has not stayed up since the day it was graciously given to me. Sometimes I will be in a meeting and I will just start going lower and lower until I am practically on the ground! I really don't want to spend my own money on a new chair but it is getting pretty old. People must secretly wonder why I am shrinking when I talk to them.

See you next week...on the random!

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