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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Mayhem - The Annoying Meme

Monday Mayhem is sponsored by Sited and Blogged. Check them out to participate in the (annoying) fun!
What annoys you about people that you spend time with outside your home (coworkers etc)? When they act like they have a perfect life...it makes me think they are hiding something. I have learned that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

What annoys you about people in your home? That no one cleans except for me. They may pick up or even organize but no one actually cleans but me.

What annoys you about talking on the phone? Pretty much everything.

What annoys you about the over-used terms that people use? I don't really mind over-used terms but poor grammar gets on my nerves.

What annoys you about restaurant foods? The ridiculous prices they charge!

What annoys you about restaurant servers? That they are entitled to a tip even for bad service. I heard on the radio that if a server is bad you should still tip them but then report them to the manager. Umm...so it's ok to get them in trouble rather than stiff the tip? That makes no sense to me.

What annoys you about reading other blogs? Nothing....I honestly love reading other people's blogs and I wish I had more time to do so.

What annoys you about memes? That there is always one or more questions that I don't really want to answer. For example this question...LOL!

What annoys you about commenting on blogs? When you have to go through several different verification screens and codes.

What annoys you about people who chew gum? I cannot stand when people smack gum or blow bubbles in public. I find that to be one of the rudest things around.

What annoys you about driving on the highway? That's easy - people who don't know how or are too scared to merge correctly!!!

What annoys you about shopping at Walmart? Pretty much everything which is why I don't shop there.

What annoys you about kids? When they ask the same question over and over.

What annoys you about your gender? It disappoints me that so many women are preoccupied with material possessions.

What annoys you about the opposite sex? Yikes....where do I start. No just kidding. But men annoy me when they act like they are so busy when they are not. Or they fake not knowing how to do something to get out of it. Or maybe that's just my guy. :)

What annoys you about shoes? The cute ones always hurt my feet.

What annoys you about shopping for clothes? That I wear different sizes in different brands. They should all be uniform sizes!!!

What annoys you about music? When I cannot for the life of me understand the words of a song.

What annoys you about drinking alcohol? The headache I inevitably get.

What annoys you about pizza? Sometimes I have a hard time finding vegetarian frozen pizzas but in general I find most pizza to be yummy!


  1. That is annoying when your size changes from store to store.
    Thanks for playing.

  2. This is awesome! I love reading these.


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